Check out these BrewPi Arduino shield PCBs :)

I just want to quickly share some photos of the boards for the BrewPi Arduino shield. I ordered them in yellow with white silk screen, how’s that for a beer board?

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BrewPi shield ready for approval..

I have finally finished routing a PCB for a BrewPi Arduino shield! It took a bit longer than expected.

I posted it on the forum, so head over to the forum and please check my work for errors, so I can go to manufacturing as soon as possible.

You soon will be able to buy this shield as a bare PCB, with SMT soldered, or fully soldered. This is a first step to making BrewPi a bit more plug and play.

Do-It-Yourself BrewPi Arduino Shield

Let me start this post by saying the response to my first post has been fantastic. I had 50.000 page views last week and was featured by,, Adafruit, Hackaday and Slashdot. There are now 64 registered forum users and 158 twitter followers. Looks like a lot of brewers can’t wait to start building. I hope this post will help with that.

I actually wanted to start my first brew with BrewPi today, but unfortunately my yeast died on me. The Wyeast (Weihenstephaner) 3068 smack pack had been sitting in the fridge since February, because I had been so busy with BrewPi and some other projects. I tried to make a starter anyway, but no luck. So “Raspbian Wheaty” “will have to wait until tomorrow.

I have also ordered some Better-Bottles all the way from Sweden (hard to get around here) and started adding sensors to them. I will post some brewing setup pictures later. This post is about soldering your own BrewPi Arduino Shield!

DIY BrewPi Arduino shield

My DIY BrewPi Arduino shield sitting on my Arduino Leonardo

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BrewPi released! All source code online, a wiki, a forum, a bug tracker.. Let’s go!

I have been working really hard towards this day and I am proud to announce that as of today BrewPi is fully open source! Sorry to have kept you waiting for so long, but it just takes so much more time when you are building something that anyone should be able to use compared to hacking something together for yourself.

BrewPi is an open source fermentation controller that runs on an Arduino (for now) and a Raspberry Pi. It can control your beer temperature with 0.1 degree precision, log temperature data in nice graphs and is fully configurable from a web interface.

If you are not into brewing, but do like to thinker with electronics, give the article a read. I had to invent many little things that could be very helpful for other projects too. I can think of a lot of cool things you could that involve controlling an Arduino from a web browser.

To give you an idea of the features, here’s a slide show:

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