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  1. Elco,

    Looking at your picture I don’t see any screw holes in the Raspberry Pi which tells me it’s a earlier vintage model. Is there any issue with getting the Rev B 2.0 version of the board; will all of the code carry over cleanly without needing tweaking? Are you ultimately going to walk away from the Raspberry Pi? They’re awfully hard to get a hold of, always coming in fits and spurts…seems they’re on backorder again till mid month (not an issue really).

    • The Pi is just used as a cheap Linux computer. Any Linux board with enough RAM and CPU will work. It just needs USB. I think newer versions will only be better.

  2. Ok so no problem getting the Version 2.0 Rev B. I figured I’d get as much stuff that is identical within reason in hopes of having very little chance of issues with drivers and the like. I got the same WiFi dongle right down to the model as well; it was kinda hard to beat anyhow at $8 USD or so.

  3. PS – How much FLASH is needed on the SD card? Assuming a max fermentation time of a couple months? I assume it’s based largely on the granularity of the time step setting for logging the temp points, you show 2 minutes in your examples.

  4. A two month fermentation will log about 3 MB of data, so not much.
    I got 16GB because it was only 12 euro. I’d get at least 8GB.
    Take a look at the list of supported cards at elinux.org

  5. Cool, I went ahead and grabbed some 16GB Transcend card from an ebay retailer with high marks. He pre-installs Raspian Wheezy (10-28-2012 release) on it for you. I don’t really care for the pre-install per’se, it looks fairly easy. I went with it because it’s only a few dollars more and hopefully his use of those cards is a good indicator they play nice with the Raspberry Pi.I got it for $20 USD; a little overpriced but not terrible for name brand and free shipping.

    For the hub I got this…

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/7-Port-USB-2-0-Hub-High-Speed-ON-OFF-Sharing-Switch-For-PC-Laptop-/370636885906?pt=US_USB_Cables_Hubs_Adapters&hash=item564bae0f92 which is all of $7 or so. It appears to be *precisely* the same one sold by some Pi store in the UK referenced in the, “known good hubs” section of the URL you linked minus the power supply which I can handle. I’m certainly not paying $26 plus international shipping for something I can get for $7 I just hope it’s really the same device LOL.

    Thanks for all your help Elco, this is a lot of fun. All I need now is to order up a Pi and I think I’m good to go minus the sheild which hopefully you’ll have available soon, or at least CAM for. I’m feeling a bit too lazy to bang it out myself at the moment…

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