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Our new store is live!

store logo

I’m happy to announce that our new store is finally open for business.

You can now order the BrewPi Spark. But be sure to check out our new stainless steel mashing parts as well.


We have:

  • Heating element enclosures (suitable for Camco)
  • HERMS coils
  • (Whirlpool) inlets
  • Dip tubes
  • Innovative new mash filters
  • Extra high flow camlocks
  • Silicone tubing
  • 1/2″ threaded temperature sensors
  • and more…

Most of these mashing parts have BSP thread. Because of their weight we focused on Europe. But they we are going to offer them in NPT variants in the future.

Pumps, motorized valves and OneWire control boards for them will come in about a month.

So go check it out at


New community forum

Hey Guys,

We are still preparing for the launch of the BrewPi Spark, sorry to keep you waiting but I we still have some things to sort out make things run smoothly at launch.

The enclosures are still in production: the company was closed for the holidays and I approved the last prototype yesterday.
We are also still porting our software to the new platform, you can read more about that on our new community forum.

New forum software

Spark Core has been using Discourse as their community forum and it is works really, really well. So I decided to follow their example and move to discourse as well. Moving all existing threads from the old to the new forum can’t be done, so the old forum will remain¬†available at

For all new discussions, please use

With discourse, it will be much easier to quickly see new content and subscribe to topics of interest. You can also very easily share photos, quote people and link to related threads.

Because the new forum has much better search functionality, we will be phasing out as well, making the central place for all communication and questions.