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Gift cards now available!

Still don’t have a Christmas present? We got your back. You can now order BrewPi gift cards from our new store.

I didn’t have time to add all products to the new store yet, so you’ll have to trust me that lot’s of nice goodies will be added after Christmas. We’ll have camlocks, HERMS coils, inlets, outlets, filters, pumps, ball valves, motorized ball valves, heating element enclosures and all kinds of fittings. And of course the new BrewPi Spark and Spark Cores.

Because you cannot see these products and their prices yet, the gift cards will be completely refundable. So there is no risk in ordering one. You’ll even get a 5% discount!

The BrewPi Spark is coming soon…

Hi Guys,

We have been working hard on the new version of BrewPi, the BrewPi Spark, powered by the awesome Spark Core. It will have WiFi, a touch screen, much more processing power and will be more plug and play.

But I’m sorry that this is not yet the update you have all been waiting for. I just want to let you know that we encountered a very small delay in production of the new enclosures. They are going to be awesome though, it’s worth it.

We will be able to release the BrewPi Spark before Christmas, but delivery in time for Christmas is not possible. For those that want to give a BrewPi Spark for Christmas, we will offer two alternatives: pre-orders and gift cards for our store. More about those during the official release.




BrewPi feature and review on AHA Pimp My System and in Linux Voice

2 BrewPi's controlling Chris Allen's dual conical setup. Making me jealous!

2 BrewPi’s controlling Chris Allen’s dual conical setup. Who’s jealous?

Dual conical glass door fridges controlled by BrewPi

BrewPi got featured today in the American Homebrewers Association’s ‘Pimp my System’, where Chris Allen showed off his mouthwatering dual conical setup with glass door fridges. Thanks a lot Alan for your glowing review. I hope I will one day have a setup as awesome as yours.

You can read the full article over here. One more photo on Facebook.


Linux Voice Issue 1, featuring BrewPi 🙂

BrewPi featured in Linux Voice

Earlier this month, BrewPi got featured in the very first issue of Linux Voice. <–Full text PDF available for free!

Linux Voice is a brand new crowd funded Linux magazine, which gives back 50% of it’s profits to Free Software and Linux Communities. They have documented their experience from receiving the kit to brewing the first beer. Definitely worth a read.




Find us on Facebook

BrewPi on FaceBook

I have created a Facebook page for BrewPi. You are very welcome to share your photos, brewing results, recipes, stories, etc. Don’t forget to click the Like button 🙂

BrewPi Case redesign: meet version 2.0!

Hi Brewers!

We have given the BrewPi case a major overhaul and are very pleased to present you the results: a more compact and much better looking design.

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Everything back in stock!

Our debugging partner is watching over our new stock and the packages ready to ship!

Our debugging partner is watching over our new stock and the packages ready to ship!

Good news! Everything is back in stock in the shop.

After a slight delay on the delivery of new PCBs, we now have enough stock, just in time for Christmas. The BrewPi shields are still available as fully assembled or as a kit:

  • Fully assembled BrewPi Arduino shield
    All connectors, buzzer, rotary encoder are soldered. Your guide starts here. The fully assembled shields require no soldering and they are tested before shipping. You just have to plug in all wires and if you got one, assemble the case.
  • BrewPi Arduino shield kit
    Solder all connectors, buzzer and rotary encoder yourself, probably an hour of work. Your soldering guide starts here.

This time, we have also outsourced the connector assembly of the shields to our experienced Dutch production partner, which means:

  • Shields are assembled by a professional wave soldering process.
  • More time for software development and the BrewPi community.

More news soon…

Happy brewing!

Attention: new temp sensors have colors swapped!

I got an e-mail from a customer that could not get his temperature sensors to work. After double checking his setup, I decided to investigate the issue further and connected a new sensor to my own setup: sensor was not found. What the hell?

I got a knife and cut open one of the new sensors and that exposed the issue: my supplier suddenly swapped the colors!
Luckily red is still 5V, so no sensors are damaged by this mistake: if your sensors do not work, try swapping the yellow and green wire.

Old sensors:
GROUND  –  DATA  –  5V
New sensors:
GROUND  –  DATA  –  5V

If your order was shipped after June 28, you probably got the new sensors.

Update: pre-orders are shipping, new shield, new cases, major release coming up!

Hi guys,

This will be just a quick status update, I will post more details next week on the new hardware and especially the new software 🙂

First of all I want to thank everyone who pre-ordered for their patience. I had quite a few setbacks in producing the new batch and I made you all wait a long time for your BrewPi goodies. Your early support helped me trough the set backs. You did get the RevC shield for the RevA price, hopefully that makes up for it a bit.

Delay 1: 200 unusable RevB PCBs 

The first major cause of delay was a design error on the RevB shield: I replaced the screw terminals with pluggable terminals, but made the holes for the terminals too small. The pins of the new connectors just didn’t fit in the new holes. Stupid and expensive mistake. Drilling the holes bigger was not really an option, because on top of being a lot of work, it would make the board unreliable. I decided to order new PCB’s and do it right instead of patching the old ones. So that is why the new boards are called RevC.

So if anyone knows a cool way to use the 200 dud boards, let me know! I thought about giving them away as coasters, but they do have a lot of holes in them…

To prevent further errors and have some more time for software development, I decided to outsource assembly too. New boards are assembled by an automated pick & and place machine and professionally soldered in a vapor phase reflow oven.

Delay 2: The new BrewPi cases, laser cutter fire and unusable cases

The new case design for the RevC boards had to wait on the boards to be assembled, so we could do some test fits and make sure everything aligned properly. We did 3 test versions before we reached the final design. The new design does look awesome though! It introduces the ability to turn the Raspberry Pi in 90 degrees steps, has a big logo on top of the Pi case and the new pluggable terminals work much better with the case.

Unfortunately, while the laser company was making this batch they had a fire in the laser cutter that destroyed the honeycomb cutting table. They tried to finish the batch with a different cutting table, but it caused to much temperature stress in the material. This caused tiny cracks in the perspex and made the cases ugly and easy to break.

Tiny cracks in the failed batch of cases

Tiny cracks in the failed batch of cases

When they got the laster cutter back from repairs, they quickly redid the whole batch for me. The result is perfect again 🙂

The new RevC boards

I will introduce the new RevC boards in more detail in an upcoming blog post, so I will just give you a quick rundown here:

  • Pluggable terminals. Screwing the tiny terminals for the temperature sensors sucked. Having to screw everything in a tight spot in your case sucks. The new pluggable terminals have one part that you screw to your cable and later you can just plug it into the other part of the connector, which is soldered to the board.
  • 4 SSR outputs. The new board has 2 more outputs, so you can have an output for a heater, cooler, fan and a light.
  • Just one OneWire bus. Having a separate pin for each sensor was fool-proof for the first board, but actually using the OneWire protocol and assigning sensors based on address opens up new possibilities. Just label your sensors and plug them all into the same bus, the Arduino will remember which is which. The new software adds support for an Ambient sensor too.
    To help you connect multiple sensors, the shield will come with a 1 to 6 distribution board for OneWire.

Pre-orders are closed now. When I have processed all pre-orders, the shop will open again with a new guided ordering process.

Software support for the new shields

Because of the hardware changes in the shields, the new RevC shields are only supported by the new dynaconfig branch. If you already received your new RevC shield, please give us one more week to work out the last bugs: we have been very busy.

The AVR part is as good as finished, but the script support and web interface support is still a work in progress. If you can give us a bit more time, your install will be a lot smoother!


I’d like to end with some phone quality pictures of the new case. Better pictures after the weekend!

Top view of the new case New Raspberry Pi case New case and new pluggable terminals

Soldering guide now online!

I have added a detailed guide on how to solder the BrewPi Arduino shield kit to the menu. I had a friend take lots of pictures while I assembled a kit, so I have a photo of every step! That should help in not soldering components to the wrong side or in the wrong order.

Check it out here.

Shield code on GitHub and UNO compatible!

Hi Guys,

Just a quick update.The Arduino code for BrewPi with the new shield is on GitHub. The code is now fully compatible with the Arduino Leonardo and the Arduino UNO.

You can grab a pre-compiled HEX file from GitHub here.

If you want to compile the code yourself, select the right device in Atmel Studio (Atmega32u4 or Atmega328P) and change the Arduino include dir (leonardo or standard). Also, be sure to re-compile all files.

I am trying to get the code working in Eclipse, for those who are working on Mac or Linux. The updated code for the BrewPi Shield is now under the ‘shield’ master branch, which will soon become the master branch.

I had some bumps on the road in trying to ship the orders and updating the code, which has caused more delays than I had wished for. I will try to get all open orders shipped by Monday, but it is a bit more work than I expected. I definitely should have charged more for full assembly, but I will keep it at €5 for this run. We shot a lot of pictures today for the soldering guide, which will be online shortly.



BrewPi Case!

Hi everyone!

We are ‘Van Alles Wat Ontwerp’, a small design agency, founded by three DIY enthusiasts. Elco asked us to design a case for the Brewing controller as he had his hands full working on the software and electronics.

Apart from beer, we like 3D printers, laser cutters, brewing beer, White Castle, tasting beer, sniffing soldering fumes, bottling beer, working long hours and yet, we still found the time to graduate as Masters of Science.

With this post we would like to propose our case-design to the community. We hope to get some feedback from you so we can improve the case!

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