BrewPi Case redesign: meet version 2.0!

Hi Brewers!

We have given the BrewPi case a major overhaul and are very pleased to present you the results: a more compact and much better looking design.

The case keeps a lot of features from the old design:

  • Transparent laser-cut acrylic to proudly show off the geeky internals.
  • The Raspberry Pi case locks into the top of the Arduino case.
  • The OneWire distribution board can be mounted on top of the case or you can put it somewhere inside your fridge.
  • A beautiful engraved BrewPi logo.

We have changed these bits:

  • The Arduino is mounted on its side to save space. The connectors now plug into the side instead of the back.
  • The menu knob has been moved to the side as well, which puts the LCD nicely in the center.
  • The Raspberry Pi is now mounted to the bottom panel, it so cannot move around inside the case. This also allowed us to give the GPIO header a bit more distance from the case bolt nearby.
  • We laser-cut the spacers for the display. The clear acrylic looks a lot better than the grey spaces we had before.

A lot of tiny tweaks were needed to make sure everything lined up correctly. We made 5 prototypes before we were happy with the end result.

We also found a new production partner with a huge industrial laser cutter, which means the new cases look better than ever.


This beast cuts the new BrewPi cases!

This beast cuts the new BrewPi cases!

laser cutter cutting the brewpi case

Zap Zap!


The BrewPi Team

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  1. Youp on March 20, 2014 at 07:47

    Any chance I can order one soon? A nice comboset that is… shipped in NL