BrewPi Spark 3 update (almost ready!)

Hi guys,

Just a quick update on the BrewPi Spark 3. We’re getting really close to release now.

Injection molded casing

I hoped we could release tomorrow, but we were not 100% happy with the new enclosure after the first test run of the mold. Let me illustrate with some photos.


Casing front first run (dark grey).

As you can see, an edge is visible around the display, an edge we didn’t design on purpose. We thought the edge was caused by the ridge that holds the display in place on the inside. When the plastic cools it shrinks,  and because of this features on the inside can cause a small deformation on the outside if they are too thick. So we did the following modification:

Front panel, first design, note the ridge that holds the display in place. It is very thin, but the casing that overlaps with the display module is also very thin (0.5mm).

Front panel inside, revised design. Note that the ridge has been removed except for the corners. Material color is black this time.


The result however, was disappointing. It had not solved our problem, as you can see below.

Front panel, second attempt (black).


We figured it must be some combination of the very fine grained surface finish and the curvature of the front panel. Next plan: polish this area of the mold to a high gloss finish. 

Attempt 3: high gloss finish on the display bezel.


Finally, this redesign worked. And it looks nice combined with the glass panel of the display itself. The 2-tone casing gives it some extra character too. Our injection molding partner will take the mold apart one final time to polish again and get it really shiny and smooth.


CE testing

We also tested the Spark V3 for CE approval, this means:

  • Our products generates no radio waves that can interfere with other products
  • Our product is immune to emissions from other products (or your amateur radio enthusiast next door)
  • It can withstand electrostatic discharges of several kiloVolts on exposed pins (ESD)

Tests passed  ✔

Testing emissions against CE thresholds over various frequency ranges, powered via USB (photo) or via a 12V power supply.

Testing immunity to noise over a wide frequency range by injection it at thresholds required for CE.

And finally testing ESD immunity by zapping the exposed pins.


So when you buy one?

Looks like they’ll be ready to ship after a week, so Monday, July 10. Sorry for the delay!




Notable Replies

  1. Avatar for Elco Elco says:

    I will receive another test batch of enclosures (nr 5!) tomorrow. These should be good according to the supplier, if they indeed are, we can ramp up production quickly and start selling on Monday. I’m not happy with the delays either, but after all the time I put into this new hardware release, I want it to look perfect too.

  2. I check almost daily for the release of v3. As some others, I am ready to go with all of the other parts for my fermentation chamber. I’ve searched and have not found anything like the spark. I feel Ike an impatient child waiting for the release. :grin:

    I hope you are having enough made…can’t wait.

  3. Avatar for Elco Elco says:

    Good news, enclosures are good now!

    Release date: Monday

  4. Will this include the release of the new software version?

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