We’re hiring! Looking for a full stack developer (full-time job)

(Dutch version below)

Job opening: full stack developer for brewery control dashboard

To speed up development of our new brewing dashboard, we’re looking for a developer to expand our team.

What you’ll be working on

A new control center for brewing. Our brewing application consists of 3 layers:

    The hardware runs our firmware for temperature
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BrewPi Spark V3: production progress

Injection mold with sparking probes

Hi Guys,

We’re getting closer to the release of the BrewPi Spark V3, but it has taken a bit longer than I originally planned. The BrewPi Spark V2 has been out of stock since March.

In this posts, I’d like to share some photos of the production process so you get an idea of what’s …

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Finally, a website update!

When we released the BrewPi Spark in January 2015, we discontinued the Arduino version of BrewPi. We outgrew the Arduino platform and moved on to the much more powerful Particle Photon.  I spent all my time working on new hardware and software and because a lack of time, I neglected our front page. It was …

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Our new store is live!

store logo

I’m happy to announce that our new store is finally open for business.

You can now order the BrewPi Spark. But be sure to check out our new stainless steel mashing parts as well.


We have:

    Heating element enclosures (suitable for Camco) HERMS coils (Whirlpool) inlets Dip tubes Innovative new mash filters Extra high flow
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New community forum

Hey Guys,

We are still preparing for the launch of the BrewPi Spark, sorry to keep you waiting but I we still have some things to sort out make things run smoothly at launch.

The enclosures are still in production: the company was closed for the holidays and I approved the last prototype yesterday.We are …

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