Gift cards now available!

Still don’t have a Christmas present? We got your back. You can now order BrewPi gift cards from our new store.

I didn’t have time to add all products to the new store yet, so you’ll have to trust me that lot’s of nice goodies will be added after Christmas. We’ll have camlocks, HERMS …

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The BrewPi Spark is coming soon…

Hi Guys,

We have been working hard on the new version of BrewPi, the BrewPi Spark, powered by the awesome Spark Core. It will have WiFi, a touch screen, much more processing power and will be more plug and play.

But I’m sorry that this is not yet the update you have all been waiting …

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BrewPi feature and review on AHA Pimp My System and in Linux Voice

2 BrewPi's controlling Chris Allen's dual conical setup. Making me jealous!

2 BrewPi’s controlling Chris Allen’s dual conical setup. Who’s jealous?

Dual conical glass door fridges controlled by BrewPi

BrewPi got featured today in the American Homebrewers Association’s ‘Pimp my System’, where Chris Allen showed off his mouthwatering dual conical setup with glass door fridges. Thanks a lot Alan for your glowing review. I hope I …

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BrewPi Case redesign: meet version 2.0!

Hi Brewers!

We have given the BrewPi case a major overhaul and are very pleased to present you the results: a more compact and much better looking design.

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Everything back in stock!

Our debugging partner is watching over our new stock and the packages ready to ship!

Our debugging partner is watching over our new stock and the packages ready to ship!

Good news! Everything is back in stock in the shop.

After a slight delay on the delivery of new PCBs, we now have enough stock, just in time for Christmas. The BrewPi shields are still available as fully assembled or …

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Attention: new temp sensors have colors swapped!

I got an e-mail from a customer that could not get his temperature sensors to work. After double checking his setup, I decided to investigate the issue further and connected a new sensor to my own setup: sensor was not found. What the hell?

I got a knife and cut open one of the new …

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Soldering guide now online!

I have added a detailed guide on how to solder the BrewPi Arduino shield kit to the menu. I had a friend take lots of pictures while I assembled a kit, so I have a photo of every step! That should help in not soldering components to the wrong side or in the wrong order.…

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Shield code on GitHub and UNO compatible!

Hi Guys,

Just a quick update.The Arduino code for BrewPi with the new shield is on GitHub. The code is now fully compatible with the Arduino Leonardo and the Arduino UNO.

You can grab a pre-compiled HEX file from GitHub here.

If you want to compile the code yourself, select the right device in …

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