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We keep track of bugs, new features, and everything else related to developing the software using GitHub issues.

To create a new issue, first identify the correct repository to file the bug.

Web interface

Report your issue here if something doesn’t work in the web interface, a JavaScript bug, UI improvements, etc

Python script

If the python script crashes, file it here. Also report errors while programming the Arduino here.

Arduino code

Hardware related issues can be reported here. Anything related to the temperature control algorithm should go here too.

Installer and updater

Report issues with installing/updating BrewPi here.

User documentation

Report errors in the documentation here. You can find the documentation on


Bug reports

If you want to report a bug, first check if it has been reported already. For a new bug report, include the following information:

  • Include a step-by-step instruction how to reproduce the bug, if possible.
  • Include as many details as possible. It is easy for us developers to filter out irrelevant information, but much harder to guess what’s missing. The more information you give, the faster we can fix the bug.Be specific of errors the errors you get, preferably copy-paste themWrong: “When I apply a new beer name, the script crashes”Right: “When I type in new beer name in the maintenance panel and hit apply, the python script crashes, with this error message:
    Oct 20 2013 19:52:03 Notification: Script started for beer 'Sample Data'
    Oct 20 2013 19:52:06 Found Arduino leonardo with a revC shield, running BrewPi version 0.2.1 build 24
    Oct 20 2013 19:52:06 Warning: BrewPi version compatible with this script is 0.2.0 but version number received is 0.2.1
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "/home/brewpi/", line 347, in
    File "/home/brewpi/", line 238, in startBeer
    changeWwwSetting('beerName', beerName)
    File "/home/brewpi/", line 188, in changeWwwSetting
    wwwSettingsFile = open(config['wwwPath'] + 'wwwSettings.json', 'r+b')
  • Include the version of the web interface, script and AVR you are using. A commit SHA is even better. You can get it with ‘git log’.
  • If possible, include stderr.txt.
  • Any investigation you can do yourself is highly appreciated.

Feature requests

If you want to propose a new feature, you can also file an issue for this. Please only use issues for small feature requests.

“Support for glycol chillers” should not be a feature request on GitHub, but is a great topic to discuss on the forum. “Print time on LCD as hours:minutes:seconds” is a good feature request.


  1. Richard Jones on May 10, 2014 at 08:50


    You have done an amazing job with all this, but I do have a suggestion. My background is in IT (40 years ago) but more recently in product management and design. My feeling is that there is a gap in the documentation which may put off potential customers / users. The web home page does a great job in explaining how the system works at a high level and selling it. Then the next level of detail is the software and assembly documentation. You have to be a bit of a detective to fill in the gaps. So I think you need to bring together material that’s hidden in the blog and on other sites e.g. the tutorial on Linux Voice. You may say that for your target market figuring it al out is part of the fun which is fine. But i suspect there maybe other potential customers who are keen brewers like me who need a bit more help. I certainly was nearly put off by this lack of info. I think we need a getting started document / page that covers the following
    – before you decide what to buy you need to design your total system — not the BrewPI bit i.e. how many probes, cold climate versus hot climate considerations, size of fridge does that matter, use of thermowells and what diameter they need to be if you use your probes , use of blow off tubes, whether you need to mess with the electronics of the fridge, positioning of probes for best results, is a fan needed, what the benefit of the fridge switch, links to other articles,
    – so you have designed your system what do you need to buy to make it work with pi ? — things you supply and things you don’t, Raspberry pi and checklist of the bits needed for it eg charger or USB hub, same for Arduino, how many probes, type of thermowell and spec needed, plugs etc to connect relays to heater / fridge, project box maybe to tidy things up, what kind of fridge switch,

    I have ordered my system from you, but I have not built it yet. Over the last week I have been going thru the above…. When I do the build I suspect there will be another bit on “so you have built your system lets get it up and running with your first brew”…

    Hope you don’t mind my suggestion and if I have missed something that provides the above info then I apologise.

    Best wishes and my screw driver is ready!!


    • Elco on May 24, 2014 at 09:43

      Hi Richard,

      Thanks for these suggestions. I was aware of this, but thanks for reminding me again. I tend to focus on hardware and code too much and forget to invest time in the information on the website, despite that I know that’s what really sells BrewPi.
      And sorry for the late reply, your message got burried in spam comments.



  2. Richard Jones on May 24, 2014 at 09:48

    Ok good I have started to write a guide that could be added to your website. It includes some schematics of a total system plus wiring diagrams. I will send you a draft so you can see what you think. Am trying to explain in non technical terms….. R

  3. paul liepertz on October 28, 2016 at 09:19

    I have read the comment left by Richard jones. and I feel the same way. I have bought the spark pi version. And I feel the install procedure and setup lacks a lot of definition. I like the pun “detective work” to find out: a. what you need to purchase and b. how to get it all to work. The concept is excellent and I think you have a great product.
    My background is in IT and electronics and I find the explanation a bit confusing too.
    Eventually I’ll work it out.
    can I get a copy of Richards explanation?



    • Elco Jacobs on February 23, 2017 at 15:52

      I can only agree that our documentation needs a lot of work. Expect updates in that area soon.

      • John on March 19, 2017 at 23:48

        Hello Elco.

        I can only agree with the previous comments, pls spend a day to gather the information you have, it is all there.

        For me, the only reason to get a raspberry, is to be able to run the brewpi. Therefore it takes time to understand the when exchangeing code, what is the the beginning and end, in the normal code. Example is the static ip.

        You are probably spending more time responding to individual questions, you have given me one respons, and that was very quick!

        Today I updated the firmware, and it took me a bit of puzzeling. Reinstalling the raspberry, loading the brewpi, changing to www/var, finding the sudo nano /etc/apache2/sites-available/000-default.conf, deleting HTML, finding sudo python /home/brewpi/ –kill.

        Got issues with “Error while receiving device configuration: SyntaxError: Unexpected token C in JSON at position 0” fixed after reinstalling 3 times.

        Then it is the issue with device configuration, the outputs are difficult to spot on the controller, but I have saved my notes 🙂

        Still it is a bit of a back and forth, before all is set ut.

        Once working, the beer that is made with your controller is GREAT! I love the Brewpi but not the time I have to spend making it working!

        If you plan on increasing your sales, I recommend you to read the book “cross the chasm”

        Good luck.

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